Polymelt Ball valve 50 mm, green

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Polymelt Ball valve 50 mm, green


  • Since 1956, the Polymelt ( PoloPlast )  factory was established in Germany to manufacture pipes and fittings with a modern and innovative technology
  • Production of high-quality pipes and fittings complying with the standard specifications
  • The factory produces pipe to a size of about 250 mm
  • The factory produces many products and applications which includes outdoor installations under the sun, wastewater, and air conditioning

Advantages and features:

  1. Healthy, non-toxic, light-resistant, and can be used safely for pure drinking water and drinking water pipe system
  2. Resistant to corrosion and rust, making it safe inside walls and does not cause internal leakage problems
  3. Resistant to high temperatures
  4. Despite its durability, it is light in weight compared to metal pipes
  5. Easy to install and welded reliably
  6. Beautiful looks if installed outside the walls


  1. Main cold and hot water supply networks
  2. Internal water distribution networks for bathrooms and kitchens
  3. Compressed air networks in factories
  4. Cooling and heating networks
  5. Irrigation networks
  6. Water treatment plants
  7. Various industrial facilities such as chemical, food, and pharmaceutical
  8. Hospitals & Medical Centers
  9. Nutritional fluid lines such as dairy and juices


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